A view from above of people walking across a grey paved town square
Case studies

Informing go-to-market for Facebook Portal 

Framing the UK & French cultural landscape to inform go-to-market and campaign strategy.


Considering Portal sales far-exceeding expectations in Europe during H1 2020, Facebook’s marketing team wanted to ‘take stock’ of the shift in people’s mindsets, to better understand their general outlook, as well as perceptions related to the category and to the Portal product specifically.


MTM conducted a literature review and interviewed commercial and academic experts in the fields of sociology and psychology, to pinpoint significant cultural nuances in the UK and France that would ensure Facebook’s marketing is locally relevant and post-pandemic proof.


In addition to informing messaging and creative considerations for future comms, the study delivered a detailed and nuanced understanding of how best to articulate and embed the Facebook brand and its products into the local landscapes.