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Case studies

Fuelling new product development for Sky

We helped Sky develop the ground-breaking Sky Glass by making insights central to the product development process.


Sky relied on MTM as an insights partner to help fuel their thinking as they attempted to develop a product for the modern viewer.


Sky partnered with MTM over nearly 3 years (50k+ people surveyed and 500+ hours of qual sessions), to fuel the development of their truly innovative TV Sky Glass, through nuanced understanding of peoples’ needs and behaviours.


Glass was the most heavily researched product Sky has ever launched, with insight pivotal to decisions from day 1, as Sky entered a new product category.

That effort paid off: Glass sold out within a week and became the 3rd best-selling TV brand in the UK.

“One of the key factors that made the Glass launch a success was the strategic and actionable insight from MTM.”

Liz Wynn

MD for TV & Sky Glass