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ScreenThink helps clients track audience perceptions of their brand in relation to the market, and helps them understand how audiences respond to a changing landscape.

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MTM’s syndicated landscape tracker covers device ownership, feature and content preferences, service usage and satisfaction, as well as brand perceptions and intentions. It helps businesses to answer questions such as:

  • How satisfied are people with their TV and video provision?
  • What are their perceptions of competitor offerings?
  • Which customers are most at risk of churning when new services launch?
  • What will be the benefits of your potential new partnership?

ScreenThink is a syndicated survey product that offers truly comprehensive data on over 100 TV and video services, stretching back seven years. It allows users to deep dive into their audience by customising questions to target specific issues.

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Get your hands on the top insights from new ScreenThink by MTM data, our market intelligence insights tool for the UK TV and video industry.

“Our latest research reveals the overall decline of the UK SVOD market, yet Netflix has emerged triumphant after its password crackdown.” Philippe Epailly, Head of Quantitative Research, MTM

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"MTM Screenthink has been a crucial tool for us, helping to understand the market and tracking consumer perceptions towards our products. The team also delivers engaging reports and tailored actionable insights using the data – which add real value".

Alex Foley

VP Insights, Strategy & Retail Planning, UK & Ireland, Warner Bros. Discovery