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Audience insights

Our audience insight work is always thoughtfully designed, and passionately delivered - whether we’re researching 7 year olds or 70 year olds, in person or online, through qualitative or quantitative methods, about pop culture or public services. 

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Our craft

MTM’s team will study an issue from every angle, but then we’ll craft a clear narrative and deliver a compelling new picture. We understand the context and ground ourselves in the reality of your business, then tell it to you straight.

Setting the scene

When a long-term view across the landscape is required, MTM offers an established tracker of TV and video services, ScreenThink, plus market analysis and forecasting services from 3 Reasons.

The complete toolkit

We pick the right data collection tools for each project, ranging from traditional methods like groups and simple surveys to conjoints, passive measurement of behaviour, biometric tools, or self-ethnography. We source participants via traditional recruiters, panels, 1st party data matching, social media or client lists. And we’ll never force-fit your brief to a method that isn’t right.

“We chose MTM because we thought they’d give more strategic advice and work more closely with us than other agencies we’ve met… how true that proved to be. The research has not just fed into several major strategic decisions but is also changing the culture of how we make decisions.  We’re transforming colleague perspectives about what insight can do for our business.”

Ben Fox

Department Head – Group Research, Consumer Market & Understanding, Flutter