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Case studies

Mirrors & Windows – How identity impacts media choices in modern Britain

YouTube commissioned MTM to understand how people’s identity informs what they love to watch, and what that means for the UK media industry.


Google wanted to deliver a deep understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in Britain today, and how this relates to people’s media choices and engagement.


We used a robust, multidisciplinary methodology with a focus on inclusion throughout.  For scoping, we spoke to DEI experts, advertisers and agencies, ran semiotics and a literature review.  Qualitative audience research was followed by a survey of 10k+. We also worked with specialist accessibility partners to bring voices into the research that might often be – unintentionally – excluded from much research.


The study demonstrated that the UK’s TV and video industry still has room for improvement, but has some great strengths in DEI too. That’s an opportunity for modern marketers, because brands that champion and exhibit authentic values of diversity, equality and inclusion can form deep and valuable connections with audiences. Launched at the YouTube Festival and report available here.

“The team at MTM have been fantastic partners to us across a range of projects. This Mirrors and Windows project, which is all about how identity informs media choices in the UK today, has had a profound impact on the business. The work underpinned messaging at our most critical events (including YouTube Festival). It was both sensitive - vital given the topic area - and strategic. I trust MTM to bring their magic to our most challenging briefs.”

Sarah Ashley

Research Manager, Ads Insights team, EMEA, Google