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Make your brand heart healthy

HEART by MTM is the most effective growth framework for healthy acquisition and retention within subscription and digital services brands. The HEART framework provides actionable insights on which acquisition and retention strategies to double down or pull back on, as well as offering inspiration from the brands that are doing it best. HEART can also be used as a springboard for deeper analysis, tracking and predictive analytics using your own first-party data.

HEART draws on the seminal work of authors such as Daniel Kahneman, Simon Sinek, BJ Fogg, Byron Sharpe and Nir Eyal, who have brought understanding of consumer psychology and behavioural science to the board room. The challenge, however, remains in actually applying these teachings. HEART sets out to bridge this gap, making the science accessible and actionable for insight, strategy and planning professionals.

Powerful data-science led insights
MTM created our proprietary HEART framework using Structural Equation Modelling and Regression Analysis to calculate brand strength (the T-score), create brand experience drivers and identify which attributes have most impact on brand health. The HEART framework was borne out of a quantitative survey of 5,000 UK consumers across 50 subscription brands spanning eight subscription/digital services categories including music, video on demand, telecoms, gaming, sport, foodtech, traveltech, fintech.

We’d love to show you how HEART by MTM can be a gamechanger for your acquisition and retention strategies. Watch our video below to get to the heart of HEART.