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UX research

Our team puts people at the heart of innovation and design, helping to create seamless product and service experiences that users love.

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Creating opportunity

We enable our clients to identify opportunity spaces, develop groundbreaking experiences and gather real-time feedback at speed and scale.

Tailored services

Our research processes are tailored to each project, and we work collaboratively with both UX and research teams to shed light on even the most complex challenge.

Trusted advice

We’ve helped some of the biggest tech, media and entertainment brands develop products and services that people interact with every day.

Powering innovation

Our work powers cutting-edge TV touchscreen interfaces, the most famous music apps, and developer publishing workflows.  It extends from media to gaming, travel, fintech, retail and beyond.

“The team at MTM have been trusted advisors on a wide range of recent projects run here at Sky – we value not only their top-class research capabilities, but also their agile and flexible approach which always results in clear, highly relevant recommendations. We particularly value the close integration of qual and quant teams and as a result MTM have been behind some of our most impactful insights.”

Lloyd Mason

Insight Controller, Sky