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Case studies

Winning Apps: developing a new model for the app user journey

Google commissioned MTM to help understand what makes a ‘winning app’ that successfully engages its users.


Google set out to decode consumer app usage globally, in order to support app developer businesses across many industry verticals in creating superior strategies for user acquisition and engagement.


MTM confirmed scope with Apps Marketing and UX stakeholders, based on Google Play analytics.  B2B interviews with app developers revealed challenges and aspirations.  Immersive, tech-forward qualitative research created a deep picture of user engagement, supported by behavioural economics and cultural insights.  Large-scale innovative quantitative research, to finish.


No matter what industry vertical or market, we uncovered a universal model for users’ app journeys: Discover, Onboard, Engage and Embed. That final stage is where users have an emotional connection with an app, and that connection improves both behavioural and financial KPIs for the business developing the app.

"MTM's research has allowed us to uncover deep and practical insights on how to build and promote apps that will win the hearts and minds of consumers. On the basis of the research we've been able to create a series of events and a transformation program that allows Google clients to benefit from the findings in a very tangible way"

Katja Strelcova

PMM AppDev, Google EMEA