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Case studies

Feeding into the Digital Radio and Audio Review

Radiocentre commissioned MTM to examine issues of content prominence and access for connected audio devices, including smart speakers.


Economic pressures from large online platforms may pose a threat to the delivery of audio content supported by advertising. Other factors, such as technology choices, could undermine future availability, prominence and access of radio content on smart speakers.


MTM undertook detailed device testing and industry interviews to highlight potential issues faced by commercial radio broadcasters in relation to smart speakers. Our analysis defined the key challenges faced and potential policy interventions that could be used to foster innovation for the UK radio and audio industry.


Our work formed an integral part of Radiocentre’s response to Ofcom and DCMS’ consultation on the future of audio and radio.

“[MTM’s work] has resulted in new thinking about the future challenges and the need for the government to consider extending protections being discussed for other digital markets to support UK radio and audio.”

DCMS: The Digital Radio and Audio Review

October 2021