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Case studies

Creating go-to-market strategy for a leading streaming service

Assessing demand on a market-by-market basis to create a roadmap to expand an OTT service into new territories.


Our client wanted to know how to prioritise different markets to launch their new OTT service. They had concerns that some markets might be too immature to support another OTT service, and other markets might suffer too much competition already.


MTM assessed market size and structure, the nature and scale of demand, and propensity to stack services, across markets of interest – all in light of the platform’s content offer. Our demand assessment was informed by a combination of market data and primary audience data from a multimarket conjoint survey. Following the demand side assessment, we evaluated the other local OTT services, highlighting the client’s strengths and weaknesses relative to each competitor.


Our recommendations were used by the client to roll-out their product – determining which markets to focus on, and the key drivers of success in each priority market.