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Case studies

Future Content Trends

Informing creative inspiration for content acquisition and development through cultural trends.


A global content provider needs a grounded understanding of cultural trends to provide creative inspiration and detailed insight for content commissioning, acquisition and marketing decisions.  This study into future content trends has run for four years and now covers the UK, US, Germany, and Japan.


Each year MTM synthesises data from desk research, 80 expert interviews across the 4 global markets, social media analysis, and monthly online surveys with nationally representative samples. Our framework of macro-drivers sits across the programme to make sense of the drivers of change and helps our client to better understand the markets into which they are launching content.


An award-shortlisted insights study which not only supports stakeholder decisions and helps identify opportunities in their content offer but accelerates change in the cultural zeitgeist by shaping the content that consumers encounter.

“In the commissioning team we are tasked with acquiring content across a range of genres/ demographics… This project provides an invaluable map of the cultural landscape…”