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Case studies

Brand tracking from the advertiser perspective

We helped Pinterest establish a bi-annual brand tracker in the UK, monitoring and measuring brand sentiment amongst advertisers and agencies.


Seeking to deepen their relationships with advertisers, Pinterest came to MTM with the aim of understanding their performance within the UK advertising market. The goal was to establish and track advertiser awareness, brand perceptions, and intent for ad spend – in order to improve consideration and share of wallet.


We established a brand tracking programme adapted for the UK market, which surveys 500 businesses on a bi-annual basis.  Key Driver Analysis helps to further demonstrate impact on brand performance. In addition to the survey, MTM provides consulting to bring more context and actionability to all insights.


Results have helped Pinterest sales, product and marketing teams to identify ideas that have enabled Pinterest to improve their approach for communicating with advertisers and agencies. The results of this programme are a springboard for Pinterest to deepen and build more meaningful relationships with advertisers in the UK.

 ”MTM has been a fantastic partner, and has provided us with a rich perspective on the UK advertising landscape. Their expertise in this space is incredibly valuable for our UK marketing team!"

Jenna Landi

Director of Brand Research