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MTM’s 12 Trends of 2023 report

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Each year at MTM we produce a trends report for the year ahead, identifying what we see as being the key shifts we expect across culture. This year, we’ve done something a little different.

We’ve selected one trend for each month of the year, taking inspiration from the events that will make up 2023, from Valentine’s Day and Halloween to the Women’s World Cup and Black Friday. We cover themes from relationships to religion, mental health to travel, each approached with an eye on how it relates to the key client sectors we work with at MTM: media, technology and entertainment. We consider how the featured trends are driven or impacted by the macro cultural and social shifts that are shaping today’s landscape, from economic crisis to political instability, eco-anxiety and more. There are clickable links in the write-ups of each trend, for you to delve deeper into the evidence behind the trends.

This is not your standard end-of-year trends piece that will be outdated within months: instead, we see this as a living report that will grow as the year progresses and reactively respond to cultural developments. Throughout 2023, we’ll revisit each of the monthly trends and produce new, up-to-the-minute insights to guide your strategy and thinking.

Take a look through or download below.

If any of the trends have piqued your interest, or you’d like to know more about our Cultural Insights work, you can contact the team at

Posted by Alex Gibson
19th December 2022