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MTM’s 2024 Trends: From Survival to Revival

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Report 31 Jan

It’s 2024, do you know what Gen Alpha, the Silver Tsunami and Cringe Currency have in common? Find out in MTMs’ annual snapshot of the most compelling consumer and cultural trends to watch this year: From Survival to Revival.

In this report, you’ll learn about the exciting trends shaping culture in 2024 and get inspiration on how brands can support and facilitate this collective quest for a better quality of life – after all, who doesn’t want that?

The 10 trends in the report are:

  • Decelerated Dopamine:  Experiences, hobbies and communities are in, tech is out.
  • Young Romantics:Welcome back old-school, IRL meet cutes – we’ve missed you!
  • Septuagenarian Society: Long live the quest for human longevity.
  • Print Renaissance: Screen-free living is in vogue.
  • Old Sports, New Stars: ‘Old money’ sports are gaining new currency.
  • Gen Alpha Creators: …are taking over the internet!
  • Eco Exhaustion: Sustainability is just so hard…
  • Cringe Currency: Radical self-acceptance is in.
  • LinkedIn’s Moment: LinkedIn is serving up positive vibes and a safe space.
  • Political Fakery: We’ve got 99 elections and AI ain’t one.

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2024 trends report: From Survival to Revival