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Case studies

Creating thought leadership around responsible marketing with IPG

MTM partnered with IPG companies Acxiom, Kinesso, and Matterkind, to produce thought leadership on how advertisers can be more responsible in their marketing, and rise to the challenges resulting from fast-changing market and societal expectations around digital advertising.


Changing data privacy regulations, the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, and increased societal expectations around consumer privacy are making it harder for advertisers to reach consumers online, and are changing the industry’s perception of what it means to reach consumers in a responsible manner. MTM partnered with IPG companies Acxiom, Kinesso, and Matterkind, to explore what needs to be done to ensure that digital advertising continues to deliver a positive value exchange for both consumers and advertisers in the future.


Through online quantitative surveys and qualitative video interviews, we spoke with 4,500 consumers and 300 businesses in the US and the UK. With the consumers, we explored their expectations, preferences, and experiences with sharing data and the targeted advertising that results. With businesses, we explored priorities and challenges for new solutions in marketing and advertising, during these turbulent times.


Our research resulted in the publication of three white papers, one for each IPG brand, which fit their expertise in the industry. Acxiom’s focuses on opportunities to better understand people, Kinesso’s focuses on a connected identity approach, and Matterkind’s focuses on diversity, equality and inclusion in advertising. All three pieces of thought leadership have been key pillars of 2022 marketing strategy.