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MTM Study
Diversity and representation in video games

Let’s Change the Game! A ground-breaking study into under-served gaming audiences and their desire for authentic in-game representation.


MTM wanted to shine a light on how under-served audiences (e.g. queer gamers, gamers of colour, gamers with a disability) feel about diversity & representation in video games, and how developers/publishers can make games that deliver truly authentic diverse experiences.


3-stage study including; 4 x expert interviews, 12 x filmed one-on-one gamer interviews, followed by c.2,500 online surveys in the UK and US to quantify themes heard from previous stages.


Launched at Google in November 2022 and presented to a number of gaming studios, ranging from AAA to indie. This study is helping to drive conversations within the industry to ensure all types of gamers feel included and represented by gaming content. Check out the videos from our launch event below!

  1. Intro from Google and presentation of our proprietary research
  2. Panel discussion featuring: Lauren Kaye, Anisa Sanusi, Simi Adeshina (tamago2474 on YouTube), Martin Bradley (MTM), hosted by Franziska Elsaesser