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News 21 Mar

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Cost and Content Fatigue Are Bringing SVOD Viewers Back to BVOD, Research Finds

By Dan Meier

19 March, 2024

UK consumers are looking less to SVOD services as their first port of call when looking for video content, according to research consultancy MTM, with live TV and BVOD services reportedly making a resurgance.

The consultancy’s latest ScreenThink report showed a 13 percent decline in the number of UK viewers turning to SVOD services first. For the 25-34 demographic, 45 percent of consumers prioritised SVOD services in Q2 2022, falling to 32 percent in Q4 2023.

The study noted that Gen Z (16-24) were moving away more rapidly from SVOD-first behaviour, dropping from 38 percent in Q2 2022 to 24 percent at the end of 2023. The report suggested that live TV and BVOD offerings are the main beneficiares of this shift.

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