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From Survival to Revival: the cultural and consumer trends shaping 2024

By Marina Graham, Director of Cultural Insights, MTM

New Digital Age

February 05, 2024

If 2023 was defined by survival, 2024 is set to be all about revival. So says our team behind MTM’s 2024 report, which details ten of the most compelling consumer and cultural trends to watch out for this year.

Consumers are set on preserving their energy, protecting their interests, and pursuing things that, above all else, bring joy. How are they planning on doing this, you ask? By slowing down, prioritizing digital downtime and dialling up on cheer, community and connection – which inevitably come with a lot of positive emotions and experiences.

The backlash against the all-encompassing role of technology in our lives is ushering in new mentalities, products and subcultures. From The Luddite Club, a New York based teen lifestyle group promoting “self-liberation from social media and technology”, to Kendrick Lamar releasing a limited edition anti-smartphone designed to be used as little as possible (which sold out in ONE DAY!) – digital withdrawal has never been more front and centre of the cultural conversation. What is perhaps most interesting is the social currency and clout being attached to disconnecting – the digital detox is no longer just a wellness exercise, but an aspirational lifestyle.

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