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Dive Deeper: Introducing the MTM “Meet the Minds” Series!

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News 9 Apr

We’re thrilled to launch the MTM “Meet the Minds” series, where you get to know the brilliant people who power our work! This week, we meet Imogen Nightingale who’s been a passionate force at MTM for 5 years. Imogen’s dedication to people and thought leadership is contagious. Get ready to be inspired as we explore what drives her.

  1. What keeps you busy at MTM?

No two days are the same at MTM! While writing is a core part of my role, I also dedicate significant time to storyboarding, desk research, market trend analysis and consultations with industry experts. All of this enables me to craft narratives for brands that are not only thoughtful and engaging, but also highly relevant to their target audiences.

  1. What’s your superpower?

I’ve always been a people person, so connecting with and understanding people (fuelled by a very healthy dose of curiosity) is my first superpower. I love to tell stories, so writing is my second superpower. I studied Sociology and Journalism at University, which perfectly combined my two superpowers. And I try to translate this into the work I do for brands, bringing a human-centred lens to business challenges and crafting narratives that resonate.

  1. Which projects are you most proud of?

This year I had the pleasure of working with Acxiom on their annual CX trends report. This was a really exciting piece of work, exploring next generation use cases of AI in CX and marketing. We delved deep into cutting-edge AI use cases, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized customer experiences and data-driven marketing. The report sparked significant interest, even inspiring an IPG podcast episode featuring Acxiom’s Chief Revenue Officer! We presented key findings to Acxiom’s top strategic partners, including Salesforce and Adobe at their annual partner conference, which solidified our impact.

Similarly, for four years we’ve had the pleasure of authoring VIOOH’s highly anticipated annual Programmatic DOOH Station of the Nation whitepaper. Seeing the impact of this report is incredibly rewarding. The findings travel the globe through industry roadshows, sparking strategic discussions about programmatic DOOH’s future among senior advertisers and agencies. It’s become a must-read within the advertising industry, especially for OOH specialists.

  1. Which industries or topics excite you most?

Anything to do with change and innovation excites me. Currently, much of our thought leadership work centres on the transformative potential of AI across all facets of the business, from gleaning customer insights to optimising technology, marketing and the customer experience itself.

Deep-diving into the state of an industry, understanding its pulse, and then sharing those insights through compelling reports is another exciting aspect of our work. We frequently create these kind of reports for clients in the advertising and Saas sectors. I think these type of reports are really valuable too. Not only do they establish the brand as an industry thought leader, but they also provide crucial information for end readers, especially those within that specific sector.

  1. Why use MTM for thought leadership?

MTM is truly unique in that it combines award-winning researchers and savvy commercial strategists under one roof. Our expertise spans a number of areas within media and technology, including digital advertising, software development, cultural insight, UX design, gaming and sport. We have dedicated sub-teams that focus on specific areas, offering in-depth knowledge within their domains. Much of what we do involves using data and primary research to build impactful stories on trends, products and market developments. This storytelling expertise makes thought leadership a natural fit for MTM.

  1. What do like you do when you’re not busy at spinning up thought leadership at MTM?

I’m an extrovert, so I like to spend a lot of time being around people, whether that be my partner or my friends! On the weekend you’ll either find me going on a long walk with my partner (the final destination almost always involves cheese), frequenting one of my neighbourhood pubs with friends to put the world to rights over a few glasses of red, or marvelling at amazing trinkets from by-gone areas at one of the world-class museums that London has to offer!