Case studies

Indonesia Developer Attitudes Towards App Stores

Google was looking to understand how apps and games businesses of all types perceived app stores and their billing services: how did they think about the value they derive from app stores? And what were their perceptions of app store business models?


MTM worked with multiple stakeholders within Google to confirm the exact project scope, themes of interest and how to ensure we captured responses from a range of apps and games businesses representative of the wider ecosystem. To answer these questions we ran a quant survey, reaching 150 respondents from Indonesia across a range of company sizes and monetisation models.

Key Findings

  • Satisfaction with app stores is very high, particularly with Google Play. Indonesian developers, regardless of their monetization methods, company sizes, or user base sizes, find significant value in Google Play. 93% of developers are satisfied with Google Play; 54% of which are highly satisfied.
  • Tooling and user retention a top priority for developers when it comes to their app store needs. Both Google Play and Apple App Store deliver effectively against these needs.
  • Developers expect app stores to provide integrated billing services – over 95% of developers who monetise through app stores expect app stores to provide integrated billing services. 95% of developers are satisfied with the value provided by Google Play Billing. Developers see Google Play Billing as providing value in a number of ways, including support with tax and compliance obligations, fraud mitigation and handling end-to-end payment workflows. This is true for developers of all types, monetization methods, countries and of a range of company and user base sizes.
  • Developers support the ability for app stores to have viable business models and to be able to charge fees, reinvest in their platform and structure fees on a revenue sharing basis. More than 92% of developers agree with the five tested app store billing model statements.

    See the full report here:[Google _ MTM] Indonesia – Developer Attitudes Towards App Stores