2023 is shaping up to be huge for video gaming. Many titles were pushed from 2022, making this year jam packed with new releases from popular franchises, high-profile remakes, console exclusives and even some new IP. It could be up there with the very best years in gaming history. In short, it is going to be frigging epic! 

As we returned from our festive holidays, we’ve been discussing what we’re excited about for 2023 in gaming – so much so, we wanted to share it with the rest of you! Check out what some of our gaming team members are looking forward to. 

After finishing God of War Ragnarök, our Head of Gaming Martin Bradley is looking forward to the release of Dead Island 2 from Dambuster Studios. The history of the game is (politely) one of false starts. It was announced in 2014, but delayed so that the developers could produce a game that they were ‘truly proud of’! Despite this, players are excited about the chance to engage in some bombastic zombie slashing, ever since the release of the first Dead Island game in 2011. There has been a tonne of zombie games over the years, but the focus recently has been more on stealth. Martin has been missing something with a more action-based style, and with a raft of weaponry ranging from katanas to baseball bats to swords, this could be it. In his own words “I’m pumped to smash some zombies with some outlandish weapons!” 

Sticking with action, Owen Robson is most excited for the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady Studios. Featuring characters from Warner Bros. hit film, the game follows the exciting anti-hero team as they assemble to defend Metropolis once more. The game looks to throw the concepts of villain and hero into disarray and prompt questions about how stories are told in gaming. As gamers we’re excited to see video games continue to develop in telling stories in a unique and engaging way. As Owen put himself, “I’m so excited for this game. I’ve previously been a fan of the DC Batman games & having the opportunity to face-off against him along with the other Justice League members is even more exciting. May can’t come soon enough!”  

Sticking with games that help to tell new and interesting stories, Emil Kimber’s pick for 2023 is Hades II from Supergiant Games. The original Hades saw Emil through much of university and then the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the first time he really dove into roguelike games and realised he really liked them! What stands out about the first Hades game was its portrayal of ancient mythology in a new and unique way, with interesting character designs and portrayals whilst staying true to the source material (or as true as ancient mythology can get)! Emil loved that it featured fleshed-out and deep characters involved in a variety of relatable stories, as well as well-developed LGBTQ+ relationships. In Emil’s own words “I love that gaming can be used to tell stories from underrepresented groups and audiences and am looking forward to what Hades II and its new female protagonist can offer.” 

Last but not least, Rafaella Dhelomme tells us she is most excited for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Many of us adored Breath of the Wild when it was released in 2017 and thought its portrayal of an open world style landscape lost to time was incredibly compelling. Rafaella says she is excited for revamps of the open world style, and the new setting that is set to feature floating islands and new landscapes. She is also eagerly anticipating the revelations of what happened following Ganon’s defeat at the end of the last game. Rafa said that “Zelda: Breath of the Wild changed the game when it comes to Nintendo open worlds. It was a massive shift for the fandom, and the lore was both new and nostalgic in many ways. Being able to continue and see what they added is incredibly exciting!” 

That rundown is just a small sample of the games we’re looking forward to playing in 2023. What’s getting you excited to play this year? Get in touch and let us know!