Netflix launched their very first global fan event on the weekend, Tudum, with some seriously exciting announcements. Dubbed an SVOD, 3-hour long live streamed, ‘virtual comic-con’, Netflix announced over 70 new series and 28 movies awaiting our TV screens in 2021-2022. There was literally something for everyone! For lovers of popular Netflix series there was the likes of Ozark and Money Heist; for those craving more 80s nostalgia there was Stranger Things and Cobra Kai; for those wanting another dose of tiger mayhem there was Tiger King; for those wanting one of the greatest recent film ensemble casts there was Don’t Look Up. Quite simply, it was epic!

Tudum was streamed on YouTube and Twitch, bringing in more than 1.2 million views (and climbing) on YouTube alone – a huge feat for a service platform. VOD is an overly saturated, often misattributed market, with audiences visiting platforms for specific content titles rather than brand loyalty. By hyping their content into a must-see, much-anticipated event, Netflix may well be looking to assert their recent dominance in the wake of news services in the market. The streaming platform has often pushed the boundaries and set precedents for the competition; from innovations such as interactive television (Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch) to content such as original programming changing what exclusive content means to viewers.

These type of fan events have existed for years in industries like gaming, but it could be a trend we see from other platforms too – Disney+ is launching a similar event for their platform at the end of November. The sheer excitement we had at MTM discussing what had dropped over the weekend is a sign that these events certainly get people talking. Will this be the new Oscars? It’s too soon to tell. But in the meantime, here is the MTM pick of the bunch, of the must-see new season announcements: 


We’re being taken back to the 1950s Hawkins to a seemingly creepy haunted house, where we see a family of 4 unknown characters move in. But don’t panic, the 80’s aesthetic lives on when the scene cuts to The OG Stranger Things team breaking into the old abandoned house 30 years later. We haven’t got an official release date yet, only that the new season will debut in 2022


Just when you didn’t think Tiger King couldn’t possibly have any more twists and turns on the rollercoaster that is JW Zoo, it’s back. With a promise of even more conspiracies, madness, and interviews with the King himself (albeit from a prison cell) Netflix is set to bring the Tiger King hysteria back to our screens 17th November 2021.


You miss the old Kanye? This one’s for you. This docuseries will reportedly cover everythings from Kanye’s career break, his failed 2020 presidential bid and the death of his mother. He has apparently allowed production company Coodie and Chike exclusive access to document his life of 21 years. It’s bound to be a wild ride. 


Fear not, kind lord – season 2 is upon us (in 2022). We know this season will showcases  Anthony Bridgerton’s (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). We’re sad that we’re not going to see the return of Rege-Jean, but Lord Anthony Bridegetons love story is set to be just as steamy. 


Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are back and the stakes are higher than ever. The trailer, shows Daniel and Johnny putting their long-standing differences aside to work together against a common enemy. Season 4 will premier 31st December 2021.


We haven’t had new Ozark on our screens since March 2020 (what a month). In June 2020, Netflix did announce that Ozark would be up for renewal with the fourth and final series, but unfortunately the question of ‘when’ still remains. However, what we do know is that the season will be in two parts; seven episodes in one part, and then a second release for the final seven – so you know it’s going to be well worth the wait