At the end of January this year, when we were deep into lockdown, MTM’s Cultural Insights team brought some much-needed positivity with a fascinating webinar: The Bright Side of Technology.

It involved a panel of fascinating experts, including Kemi Alemoru the culture editor of Gal-Dem, Dr Zaheer Hussain who specialises in gaming psychology, Lauren Roxborough the CMO of Y7 Studio and Holly Friend – a futurist and trends forecaster. In the discussion, they covered three tech-related themes:

  • Health & wellbeing reimagined
  • A new era of social media
  • The evolution of entertainment

It was a fantastic event and our 20 attendees learnt a huge amount – so much so that our team have developed a short deck to capture the themes, and some top tips on how brands can apply a more positive side to technology.

You can view the deck here:

Let us know what you think of it! If any of this piques your interest, we’d be very happy to chat to you and your team about it.

Until next time, over and out.