MTM has today announced a new partnership with London’s Air Ambulance Charity, the service that delivers rapid response critical care to seriously injured people in London.

London’s Air Ambulance serves the 10 million people living and working within London and the M25 by providing an advanced trauma team to critically injured patients using a helicopter during daylight hours and rapid response cars at night.

MTM will be participating in a number of different fundraising activities over the upcoming year, and aim to raise £5000. Keep an eye out for the events that you can get involved in!

The money raised through the partnership will help London’s Air Ambulance to provide London with an advanced trauma care service 24/7 and treat an average of five critically injured patients every day. 

Ghadeer Abu Shawareb, London’s Air Ambulance Corporate & Events Coordinator said:

“We are thrilled to be working with MTM as their new Charity Partner. The partnership will not only help us to raise funds, but also awareness of our life-saving work, as it will enable us to engage with people across London in the communities that we serve.

It costs £10million each year to provide our service so we really rely on the generosity of people, organisations and businesses in London to help us be there should someone need our rapid response care.”

Caroline Wren, Managing Partner, MTM said:

“We are very excited to be supporting London’s Air Ambulance this year. To date, London’s Air Ambulance has treated over 39,500 critically injured people and attended most major incidents in London.

In the event of a severe accident, rapid response can mean the difference between life and death. We are delighted that funds raised by MTM this year will go towards ensuring this vital service continues to be available to those who need it.”

Prior to the establishment of London’s Air Ambulance Charity in 1989, many seriously injured patients lost their lives unnecessarily because of the delay in receiving prompt and appropriate medical care. Since its inception, the service has brought the hospital emergency department to the scene of incidents across London, providing vital treatment to the 10 million people who live and work in the city.