Game of Thrones ended last week and after 8 seasons, 73 episodes, 4,354 minutes and 5,863 deaths, it produced a lot of data. This week at MTM, we pull apart the numbers underpinning the largest TV show in all the kingdoms.

  1. Let Down

Despite the gory conclusions, on aggregate fans were disappointed by the final episode. When comparing the average rating of the final episode with the overall series, Game of Thrones is the largest disappointment after House of Cards and is slightly more disappointing than Dexter.

Difference Between the Average Fan Rating of the Entire Series and Fan Rating of Final Episode

Source: IMDB

  • Deaths

Game of Thrones made a name for itself by killing off major characters at unexpected moments, so we could not leave out the number of on-screen deaths – with season 8 the deadliest yet: 3,253 characters were killed on screen compared to just 59 in season 1. In fact, 50% more characters died in the final season than every other season combined. This is mainly due to the epic on-screen battles that rounded off the show.

Number of Deaths by Season

Source: Washington Post

  • Cause of Death

With all these rampaging murderers, it is no surprise that the most common cause of death for important characters Game of Thrones is injuries, followed by burns and poisoning. In fact, research compiled by Biomedcentral showed that important characters had a 14% chance of being killed in the first hour after appearing, and there was a higher likelihood of survival as a woman, a highborn, or someone who switched allegiance.

Causes of death throughout the show

Source: Biomedcentral

  • Killers

While many of the on-screen deaths over the course of the show came during the numerous battles; subterfuge and assassination also played their part in providing the grisly entertainment throughout the show. It turns out that Drogon, a dragon, is the deadliest character in the Game of Thrones universe, followed closely by Arya Stark, due to her time spent as an assassin.

Number of Kills by Character

Source: Washington Post

  • Dialogue

However, all the killing in Game of Thrones would be meaningless without the intelligent writing behind the series. And, although heralded as a feminist show due to the portrayal of strong and complex characters, such as Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark, 75% of all speaking lines in Game of Thrones were given to men. It is the Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister, who takes the top spot for most lines spoken.

Number of Lines Spoken by Character

Source: Looker Dashboards

  • Westeros

While focusing on the twists and turns in the battle for the Iron Throne, it is sometimes difficult to get a sense of the world in which it is set. We’ve provided a graphic to help you get to grips with the make-up of the GoT universe. Interestingly, upon seeing the Wall used on set, built to the exact description given in the book, George R. R. Martin was surprised and commented that he’d “written it too big!”

Comparison of the Tallest Structures in GoT, height in metres

Source: Daily Dot

  • Viewing

The popularity of Game of Thrones has only increased over the course of the show, with combined US viewers and streamers for the final episode – 19.3 million – breaking HBO’s all-time record (also held by the show).

Average Number of U.S Viewers by Season (in millions)

Source: TVSeriesFinale

However, the popularity is not limited to the US, with 3.2 million UK viewers tuning in for the 2am broadcast, according to BARB. Besides legitimate viewing figures, however, Game of Thrones is a hugely popular show amongst streamers and downloaders, having previously held the record for most streamed television show. When it comes to illegal downloads, it is Brazil that illegally downloaded the highest volume of episodes of Season 7 (see map).

Number of Illegal Views of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Worldwide as of July 2017, by Format (in millions)

Source: Muso

Now that Game of Thrones is over, the data crunchers here at MTM will have to turn their eyes to another show. Potentially one with as large a world as the one created by George RR Martin.