We are facing a new revolution in the TV and video space, and once again sports content is at the heart of it. New technology and changing consumer behaviours are driving a shift in how video content is created, delivered and consumed – the opportunity for sports rights owners to reach new audiences via IP-delivered content has never been greater. For both traditional broadcasters and their new internet competitors, a new battleground is emerging. The winners will be those most able to acquire, deliver and generate value from premium sports content for a new generation of fans. The challenge  will be in partnering with technology providers who can draw on a legacy of delivering high quality sports video content, combined with market-leading technology stacks and delivery infrastructure. Successful OTT services will need to deliver at scale and reliably across multiple devices and geographies.

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) and Akamai commissioned us to write a white paper, TV futures initiatives sports: the new battle ground for premium OTT, which seeks to provide an insightful guide into sports brand and rights owners looking to build an OTT solution that can attract, engage and retain sports fans across multiple devices and geographies. The paper includes the perspective of leading industry players, from sports aggregators to brands, as well as from CTS and Akamai. You can download the full report here.