We recently published our research examining opportunities for connected TV advertising in the five largest Western European markets (UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain), for SpotX (the video ad serving platform).

Across the five major markets, video consumption habits are evolving and audiences are increasingly accessing TV content delivered via the internet on connected TVs. Television industry executives are excited by the opportunity to apply digital techniques and technologies to ads on TV, but broadcasters must overcome a number of key challenges in order to realize the full potential of connected TV.

Although there are important uncertainties about future market developments, industry participants are cautiously optimistic – and believe that connected TV advertising in the major European markets could exceed £720m by 2020.

Other key findings include:

  1. The UK is currently the biggest and most advanced market when it comes to connected TV advertising. The research programme showed that £115m of advertising was delivered to a connected TV in 2016 (compared to €50m in Germany and €35m in France)
  2. Industry participants estimated that three quarters of UK households will have a connected TV by 2020
  3. Participants in all five countries believe that ad-supported OTT services from broadcasters, such as All 4 and ITV Hub, will increase their share of OTT viewing, as awareness of their services grows, relative to ad-free services such as Netflix. This will further increase the potential for connected TV advertising.

Find out more in the full report.