This is fascinating research that we recently conducted for Kaper / Unilever on the gender gap in start-ups, which surveyed 685 founders from global start-ups in the US, UK, India and Singapore and included 22 depth interviews with female founders/directors in these countries to capture and bring to life industry perspectives around the prevalent gender bias issue today.

The research found that women experience gender bias at every stage of the start-up lifecycle, from finding their niche, to gaining the confidence to start, to getting funding, finding role models and then scaling up the business.

Aline Santos, the Unilever VP of marketing presented the findings of this research yesterday (27th February) at the Mobile World Congress, which was a huge success and has resulted in some really exciting and interesting media coverage….

As reported in the Drum yesterday, Unilever is now vowing, as a result of this research, that 50% of all the start-ups it works with will be female-led by 2023.

Campaign Live also published an article yesterday, giving a more detailed overview of the research conducted, sharing key findings and the overall structured created by MTM (giving us credit for it too).